Cultural History of The Tagbanua

The Tagbanuas have distinct cultural customs and traditions acquired from the people of Sulu and Borneo.  Making their cultural heritage different from the other seven ethnic tribes in Palawan. Some of the reasons for the non- acculturation of the Tagbanuas are the following.

1.       Feeling of superiority
2.       Force of tradition or demonstrable proof that the old ways was the best.
3.       Low credibility of the introducer of the new way
4.       Isolation of the people and the environmental supernatural, thereby making these ceremonies, meaningful to them as an indigenous people and to the modern Filipino since they represent authentic cultural roots devoid of any artificiality and political coloring.

The festival and ritual practices of the Tagbanua of Aborlan, its implication to education By: Reynaldo M. Yap Jr., 1994

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